Top 10 Recommended Restaurants in January 2022

It's time to announce the top 10 recommended restaurants in January 2022.

No.10 陳儀興飯店

Pic: thanksgodgiving KathyOpen17

No.9 SOYmart by 豆乳狂人

Pic: aFa乂 ilikeeatinghahaha

No.8 You You

Pic: fishfish85 alice118

No.7 Muse Furniture Lab

Pic: bellowu ceci_hiulamsiu

No.6 Mo Mo Kushiage

Pic: terry_ims CathyKING


Pic: chow928 hkyuyuyu1

No.4 Hungry Dino

Pic: PPPUPU guluguluman

No.3 NINETYs Roastery

Pic: foodie_munchkin eatislove

No.2 Ikigai Concepts

Pic: RosaTsang6219 snowkoo

No.1 Hero's Friday

Pic: bellofood workingwithfood

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